Everloc EL-10205 20-Inch Double Towel Rail, Chrome

Everloc EL-10205 20-Inch Double Towel Rail, Chrome Reviews

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Everloc EL-10205 20-Inch Double Towel Rail, Chrome Feature

  • Easy to assemble. No tools, drills or glue. Comes with everything you need
  • Suction Lock Double Towel Rail. Perfect for shower door or in any bathroom
  • Approximate Dimensions 20-Inch long
  • Works great in the kitchen or bath
  • Everloc is a real revolution in the realms of suction-fix products A DIY (do-it-yourself) dream
The Everloc Double Towel Rack maximizes precious space in the bathroom by holding twice as many towels as a standard rack.Everloc uses a unique patented application system to cleanly and easily attach to a wide range of surfaces, offering unparalleled performance from a suction cup system. No drilling required! Can be applied on a wide variety of common household non-porous surfaces including: un-even tiles, wallpaper, joins in tiles, grained wood, and much more! Can be readily removed after an extended period of time without leaving any residues. The cup can be easily cleaned and is ready for immediate use in another location. Superior load-bearing ability means each suction cup can support up to 20 kg and is unaffected by heat variations in the environment.

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