Koolatron Medical and Cosmetic Fridge

Koolatron Medical and Cosmetic Fridge Reviews

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Koolatron Medical and Cosmetic Fridge Feature

  • Compact refrigerator designed to chill medicine and cosmetics
  • Lightweight construction makes traveling easy
  • Digital display keeps you informed of internal temperature
  • See-through clear top lets you easily identify contents
  • Opens quickly by pressing front button
Many medications are temperature-sensitive, and must be stored in specific conditions to maintain their effectiveness. Enter the Koolatron portable medical and cosmetic fridge, a perfect companion for travelers who need to bring along prescribed medications. The fridge is equipped with a digital temperature control in the front, so you can always monitor the temperature and adjust it to your specifications. It's also conveniently lightweight, so you don't have to fret about it weighing more than the rest of your luggage. As a bonus, the unit serves as a cosmetic fridge. Now your lipstick will stay shapely rather than melting in the daytime heat. The medical and cosmetic fridge features a see-through clear top and a single pushbutton in the front for opening. --Rivers Janssen Digital temperature control.

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